The Hanged Man of Damocles

People have always thought that dying on the same day as your loved one is exceptionally romantic. But the truth is, the road to eternity is just damn long, and it's important not to die of boredom (hehe).

And so you're rushing down Route 69 on your way to the next phase of existence. On the left, you can see how people, driven by pride, have erected monuments to their Egos. At the threshold of eternity, we get rid of it, along with the physical shell, leaving behind only the ruins of useless structures. And on the right, you can break down the fourth wall.

Interestingly, what was a manifestation of hedonism can now become your way of life. Oh, I mean death!

Oh, who knew there were such delicious cocktails on the way to the afterlife?

Soundtrack by Tony Petersen (USA)

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